The Top Most Underutilized Features of Your UAD
The UAD is a unique tool with extensive capabilities and numerous features to help you generate opportunities. This session will focus on answering the question, “Did you know that your UAD could do…?” Learning how to utilize the underutilized features in your UAD will allow you to get the most out of your system and your efforts to ultimately increase engagement and achieve greater profitability.

Presenter: Sunil Theenathayalu, Knowledge Marketing

The Power of Audience Data & The Future of Storytelling
Storytelling has evolved from discussions shared around the campfire to digital communications shared with millions around the globe. New tools inspire a new generation of storytellers. Your Unified Audience Database can reinvent the way you tell stories and how you market. Learn how to change the landscape of human narrative with your UAD.

Presenter: Amanda Landsaw, Pennwell Corporation


Filling the Funnel – Stellar Lead Gen & Lead Nurturing Strategies
Avoid cold calling, and stay ahead of the traditional buying process as today’s buyers self inform on the products they are interested in buying. They will be well into the buying journey before they even reach you and delay talking to sales until they they are experts themselves. Find out how to prepare your sales team for the digital buyer and new methods to fill the sales funnel.

Presented by Roberta Muller, Northstar Travel Media

Totally in Sync – Understanding the UAD & Marketing Automation Relationship
The success of your marketing automation strategy to send relevant and timely emails depends on the strength of your user database. Sending automated emails would not be possible without data. Whether it’s a new subscriber joining your list, a transaction, or topic of interest, data is required to trigger a personalized email. Your email automation strategy can utilize subscribers’ demographics, preferences, transactions and behaviors to deliver timely, relevant one-to-one communications. Let your UAD be the guide to creating your automation strategies.

Presenter: Alley Green, Knowledge Marketing


Beyond Subject Lines – Creating Compelling Emails That Get Noticed
Stop thinking about email marketing! Consider your emails as a way of talking to your customers – engaging with them on a one-on-one level – and solving their problems. When you’re writing like you’re emailing one good friend, your subscribers will begin to know you and trust you. Trust will continue to get your emails opened. And, loyal customers can boost your revenue by over 20%!

Presented by Michelle O’Dea, michelleodea.com

Deep Inside ECN Reporting – Finding the Gems & Using Them to Succeed
How to use the A/B Summary Report, Campaign Statistics Report and Performance by Time and Day to improve performance – for your editorial team and clients. This session will cover both where and how to find the reports, and how to use those insights to engage more with your audiences and get more for your clients.

Presented by: Bethany Chambers & Leyna Chovan, North Coast Media

Ignite Engagement Using Key Marketing Automation Strategies
Engaging your email subscribers is vital in terms of encouraging prospects to become loyal customers and increasing brand revenue. Email automation helps create relevant, personalized emails that drives customer engagement. A great automation strategy can boost your company’s revenue and increase your email-marketing ROI.

Presented by: Kay Molencamp, Knowledge Marketing

Top Digital Trends in Media
Do we really need to use the “D” word? Today’s media trends are all digital — with one notable exception (no spoilers!). As a consumer, you’re contributing to these trends. As a publisher, are you delivering? Joyce will explore the top trends and show examples from WATT Global Media and other publishers to inspire you to exceed the expectations of your readers and advertisers.

Presenters: Joyce Neth & Julia Caruso, Watt Global Media

5 Ways to Improve Email Content with Design, Today
Our brains are wired to process visual information 60k times faster than text. It’s now necessary to have a visually appealing email design that exposes your brand in the best possible light. Learn email design tips that will help cut through the in-box clutter.

Presented by Michelle O’Dea, michelleodea.com



Ryan Dohrn

Back by popular demand is the industry’s top sales trainer and coach, Ryan Dohrn from Brain Swell Media. Ryan was awarded Forbes Best of the Web and is recognized as a global sales expert. Don’t miss his engaging sales tracks!

Lead with Audience Data, Sales Strategies
Achieve the competitive edge in this session and learn how to identify the right consumers for your products by putting your audience first. Gain insights on how to lead marketing and sales strategies with customer-centric data that will positively impact your bottom line.

Presented by: Ronda Hughes, EnsembleIQ

Habits of Super-Star Sales Executives
How to sell more to frazzled advertisers. Learn tips on how to reduce risk to the client, how to prospect with ease, how to help new clients through the ad creation process. Learn ways to educate your clients before they buy and what to say to get them 100% on board. 25-year media sales veteran Ryan Dohrn has worked with over 6,000 ad salespeople. He has narrowed down the habits of the sales superstars he has met. You will want to replicate these habits today! Plus, learn why randomness kills your day and your sales goals.

Presented by: Ryan Dohrn, Brain Swell Media

A Sales Perspective on Your Unified Audience Database
Overcome the barriers of culture and habit as your database can be transformed into a lucrative new service. The demographic and behaviorial insights your UAD holds could be a pot of gold for your advertisers. Your data can be the missing link for companies that have never had access to the side of your customers that only you can see.

Presented by: Melissa Thrune, Watt Global Media

Make Money with Integrated Marketing Packages – How Audience Data, Social Media and, Yes, Even PRINT, Can Work Together
Everyone wants to hear about monetizing your investments in audience, especially related to social media and data. Learn how North Coast Media has been successful with creating, packaging and delivering digital programs that combine this new hotness with your core business – print.

Presented by: Bethany Chambers, North Coast Media

Hosting Killer Sales Calls that Deliver BIG
So You Booked a Meeting… Now What? 25-year media sales veteran Ryan Dohrn will share his brand new, 6-step sales call process that’s focused on closing business – on the first call! Learn the strategies to help you secure business when you have the client’s attention right now. See why your media kit might be killing deals. Get an up-close look at the psychology behind advertisers’ decisions. This workshop is critical if you want to close more deals, or not get caught in the endless loop of chasing clients once they have agreed to a proposal. Reduce risk, increase sales, and save time in the total sales process.

Presented by: Ryan Dohrn, Brain Swell Media